"Walking through the door is like popping to your Mum’s for a cup of tea - it’s that feeling of belonging that creates a sense of community”

George Cartwright

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"When I came back to town a single parent, three kids under 10, with no home the Well Women's Centre helped me through many issues until I gained stability. Over the years I have always remained connected to the the Centre." Sharon Todd (photo of Sharon Todd)

We invite women to share their thoughts and experiences, living in Port Hedland and utilising the activities, services and programs the Hedland Well Women's Centre offers.

ABC's Mums & Bubs

"The Wednesday morning sessions allowed me to ask questions from staff without the pressure of a doctor/nurse visit in the clinic as well as socialise with other new mums who were just as nervous and unsure as I was.

Simply knowing that it was there, not just on a Wednesday morning, but all week if I needed some help, advice or just to get out out the house was incredible." Lisa

Post Baby World

"Since having a baby this year I've discovered what a great resource the Well Women's Centre is. I often drop in when I'm shopping because I know it is a safe and friendly place to feed my baby, use their facilities and have a coffee and chat.

The ABC group has been the start of some great new friendships for the post baby world - which is important when the usual support network of family and friends often doesn't exist in Hedland."

Help when I needed it

“The Hedland Well Women's Centre is the best thing that have ever happen to me, it's a friendly environment and they never push me away when I needed help.  They have help me in so many ways with my kids and have given me confidence in approaching things in life.”

Helpful Advice

"When I had my baby boy I was a bit lost and very tired. I spent lots of time thinking - am I doing the right thing? I went along to the ABC morning tea and I must admit a friend pushed me into it a bit and for that I'm grateful.

I found there were many new mums in the same boat as me and I quickly felt a lot better and found myself actually being able to share my experiences and even give some helpful advice. What a great service we have in the Well Woman’s Centre. Where would we be without it? Thank you." Janelle

Home Away From Home

"Going back a few years, very new in the country and even newer to the Hedland I found and in fact joined the WWC family for a short while. For the first time in many years, I found a home away from home!

Janet, Trish and Sandra each in their own way introduced me to Hedland way of life and its community. At the time I was homesick, totally disillusioned with the nomadic life I had being living and yearning, (even though I didn’t realise it at the time), for a place to anchor.

Thanks to all at WWC I found that place in Hedland and I have never being happier." Martha Weinmann

A wonderful welcoming place

"Well Woman’s has been a wonderful welcoming place to come to in Port Hedland. My Job as Community Migrant Worker has been a pleasure thanks to yourself and your staff at Well Woman’s you have made me so welcome with your encouraging words and sharing of your vast knowledge of Port Hedland and its women.

The cookery workshop has been a wonderful way to involve ladies of all cultures to get together in a friendly and safe environment thank you for your support in this endeavour.

Well Woman’s is a place of welcome and shelter to the women of Port Hedland long may it last. Keep up the good work ladies."  Sue

Connecting - WOW!

"I moved to town just in time for the start of Well Women's WOW Week 2009. I cannot say how important that was to me - I met lots of great people.

It also helped me to find a connection with the town much faster than I believe I would have without the amazing events that I attended." Emily