"Walking through the door is like popping to your Mum’s for a cup of tea - it’s that feeling of belonging that creates a sense of community”

George Cartwright

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Home Away From Home Photographic Project

Celebrating a Rich History

Hedland Well Women’s Centre celebrated its 21st Birthday in 2010, this project commemorated our long journey and rich history.


Women’s issues were seemingly falling off the Government agenda, affecting health funding and putting the Centre and the women who use it at risk.  In order to raise the Centre's profile locally and beyond we would show the immense diversity of our female population and highlight the issues women face in Hedland.

We looked to women for support and a beautiful photography project unfolded. Local women were asked about their experiences at the Well Women’s Centre and living in or moving to Port Hedland.

The project culminated in the creation of a stunning photographic exhibition at the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery in April 2010 and a treasurered book.

Photo Gallery

Forty Women

Connected to the Hedland Well Women's Centre featured in the visual narrative and shared their experiences and connections with the Centre - these are women who can't imagine Port Hedland without it.

The images evoke the fragility, resilience, diversity, exhaustion, well-being, positivity, responsibility and connections. They ignite thought about the endurance and action required to preserve an important place that feels like home. A place that supports women at their best and at their worst in Hedland.

"The women of the Pilbara are a truly unique bunch - strong, resolute, dynamic, confident, interesting and open. A big thank you to all participants in Home Away from Home."

Leading Australian Photographer, John Elliott

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Sincere appreciation goes to the Women who volunteered to take part in this project and the hardworking staff at the Centre.

Special thanks to John Elliott and Christine Villanti for their photographic talents and BHP Billiton Iron Ore, the creative team at FORM and the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery.