"Walking through the door is like popping to your Mum’s for a cup of tea - it’s that feeling of belonging that creates a sense of community”

George Cartwright

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'Home Away from Home’ Program Research & Development Project

The Hedland Well Womens Centre has identified isolation as a major risk for women living in remote mining towns such as Port Hedland and do not believe this is recognised by others living outside the region. With the expected population growth in Port Hedland anticipated to reach 50,000, it is vital that risks to women are identified and addressed. Women who do not feel socially included and connected to their community do not make Hedland their home.

Project Purpose:

Build on the current BHP Billiton Iron Ore funded ‘Home Away from Home’ program and take it to the next level:

  1. Carrying out vital research to accurately identify risks;

  2. Develop a paper on the findings;

  3. Raise the profile of this issue by the distribution of research findings;

  4. In consultation identify and implement solutions;

  5. Strengthen and extend the Well Women's Centre’s current ‘Home Away from Home’ program to meet identified community needs.


  1. Research to clearly identify risks and issues associated with women living in isolated communities;

  2. Findings and recommendations highlighted to all levels of government to increase awareness.

  3. Recommendations implemented to increase programs and services aimed at reducing isolation.