"Walking through the door is like popping to your Mum’s for a cup of tea - it’s that feeling of belonging that creates a sense of community”

George Cartwright

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Well Women's Banner Project

This is a long-running program linking women and their stories throughout Port Hedland. The stunning banner features dolls created by local women depicting themselves and works to weave together and capture their stories and experiences living in Hedland.

The project is based on the original Migrant Women's Banner Project created in 1990 in conjunction with the North West Women's Association which features dolls created by migrant women living throughout the North West at that time.

Through a Healthway 'Act Belong Commit' grant the Centre was able to create a new banner and hold community workshops where women created their dolls. The Hedland Women's Banner was revealed at the 2010 International Women's Day celebrations held at the Centre and women attached their dolls to the banner at the event.

The Banner Project has branched out to include an art exhibition Too Captivating featuring textile works by, then, local artist Di Jackson who used individual women from the Migrant Women's Banner to create artworks telling their stories.

You can enjoy these art works and the Hedland Women's Banner at the Centre.

The original Migrant Women's Banner is displayed at the South Hedland Library.