Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision 

To be a centre of excellence of  health and well-being for women across the Pilbara. 

Our Mission

To support, encourage, enhance and empower the women in the Hedland community, to build stronger relationships and to connect the community by developing programs that provide supportive assistance and change.

Our Aim

Is enhancing the health and well- being of Women in the Hedland area.

Our objectives are to provide a women’s health service, based on a social model of health that is non-judgmental, non-discriminatory, accessible and affordable to all women, in particular by

a) Contributing to community change by working collaboratively with other organisations and community members  

b) Promoting and achieving positive outcomes in women's mental health and well-being

c) Providing a space of home, health and community with support and assistance 

d) Preventing and responding to violence and assault against women

e) Empowering and educating women in their health and lifestyle choices 

f) Assisting priority and at risk women 

g) Addressing isolation 

h) Promoting healthy relationships, healthy families and to build a healthier Hedland community